Bicycles are great, but let’s be honest – sometimes riding them can be uncomfortable because of chafing and back strain. The Bird of Prey bicycle offers a solution with a semi-prone seating structure that its designers claims is very comfortable. Plus, it will make you feel like you’re flying, instead of riding.

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The semi-prone bike gives riders another option in a world where upright and recumbent (reclining) vehicles are the norm. The designers say that comfort was the biggest inspiration for Bird of Prey, citing spinal compression as a source of pain for those who ride upright cycles. Riding semi-prone relieves such pressure and is said to be quite comfortable, as one’s hips settle nicely into soft “catcher’s mitt” supports. “You have to ride the bike to understand how comfortable it really is,” they say.

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Other features of riding semi-prone include a lower center of gravity – 30 inches from the ground vs. 48 inches on an upright cycle – which allows for tighter turns and quicker speeds. The design is more aerodynamic than riding upright, which creates a good deal of wind drag. There is also a very low risk of flying over the handlebars if you need to come to a quick stop, which means the Bird of Prey bike can be quite safe on the road. This new design may be the answer for athletes or leisurely riders looking for a more comfortable way of getting out and about.

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Images via Bird of Prey