When the SARS scare sent waves of fear around the globe, hygenic face masks became a must-have accessory faster than the iPod. But plain white just doesn’t do for the face mask what it does for the iPod, which is why Samira Boon became an instant hit when she designed colorful, designer masks donning animal snouts and muzzles.

Her reputation as the mask designer has kept her afloat on the surface of design trends, and she has just been profiled in the new online Ping Magazine out of Japan. A native of the Netherlands, Boon lives and works in Japan, where she gets much of her inspiration from local culture.

Ping covers Boon’s upcoming line of felt vases, a collection of wide, winding piece that wrap around several narrow glass containers. They come in multiple colors and become rather interactive works of art as you choose what to display in each empty tube.