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SPACEFLAVOR Cube, mini dwelling unit, liu ming, small space living, prefab, fung shui

The steel and plywood living cube was prefabricated in order to fit through Ming’s front door and was assembled on site. A steel frame assembled on top of heavy duty casters and the plywood panels fit into the cube. All the wood used for the project was FSC-certified, formaldehyde free and coated with a natural shellac. The lower level features a simple bed and a study on the opposite side. A set of staircases with hidden storage lead up to the meditation loft and tea room.

Working on the principles of yin and yang as well as movement, one side of the cube is for sleeping and the other for working. The casters allow the cube to be oriented towards auspicious directions based on the Chinese lunar calendar. Translucent roller shades, a shoji screen and frosted acrylic panels allow daylight to filter through the Cube and give the interior a sense of privacy, while at night the Cube glows like a lantern. The entire structure can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location, should Ming ever move out of his Oakland apartment.


Multi-functional spaces and furniture save space and materials by maximizing their functionality.

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Images ©Jasmine Rose Oberste