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The new luxury sleeper train will feature standard suites with sofa chairs that fold into beds, and split-level Deluxe Suites with a living area on top, a sleeping area below, and a private bathroom on the entry level in between. The observation deck looks superfuturistic, while the train’s dining area resembles Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood.

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The designer, Ken Okyama, has experience in different types of product design. He has designed eyewear, furniture and Ferraris and has previously worked on JR East’s recently launched E6 and E7 bullet trains. The Cruise Train is expected to cost 5 billion yen (US $49.3 million). Considering the fact that the ten-car train only takes 34 passengers, it is expected that JR will have to put a high price on the ride in order to make their money back. The train is scheduled for launch in 2017.

+ JR East Japan Railway Company

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