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The exhibition space is an expansive white room with a very modern and light feel to the space. The walls and floor transition smoothly into one another and are perceived by the human eye as a continuous surface. The curves in the building reference the curves of cars, which are showcased all throughout the interior.

The loud and bright yellow exterior clash with the soothing, and calm interior; much like a body of a Ferrari car, the exterior is sporty and shows off, while the interior is more function based. The ceiling of the museum is made of translucent materials, allowing the skylights to diffuse soft and natural light within.

During the summer months, thermo-sensors activate in the windows on façade and roof to allow for cool air to circulate, increase energy efficiency and decrease energy use. Over 50% of the main exhibition building is set below ground level. Geothermal energy is used to heat and cool the spaces, making this the first museum building in Italy to use geothermal energy. The building also hosts photovoltaic technology and water recycling systems.

Unfortunately, the President of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemelohas, stated that he does not believe in electric vehicles, although they have confirmed the released an electric hybrid vehicle. Ferrari is attempting to escalate their green efforts which can be seen in the Enzo Ferrari museum and in the tree-filled Maranello Italy Ferrari factory.

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Photos by © Andrea Morgante and © Studio cento29 for Inhabitat