Despite being the manufacturer of chemical fertilizer (something that is not usually seen as ‘green’), the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) has managed to incorporate green design features and employee health and well-being into their design for the new headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. Giving new meaning to the term ‘biomimicry’, (chemicalmimicry?) the colorful new fertilizer headquarter building resembles a gigantic crystalline structure.

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Architects Varabyeu Partners drew design inspiration from the chemical crystals that BPC creates, using its shape to drive the main floor plan of the building. The building features two wings, connected by an atrium eight stories high. Each wing of the building contains a vertical garden space to provide natural ventilation and climate control, as well as boosting the inhabitants’ wellbeing.

Worker happiness is further considered by using the space to provide employees with fitness classes, a sauna and pool. The right wing houses and amphitheater, with office spaces are located on the top floors.

Making use of Belarus’ mineral-rich land, the company controls 33% of the world potash export market, supplying Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central and South America, China, Europe, India and the USA.

+ Varabyeu Partners

Via World Architecture News