Rain Shelter House, Y+M Architects, Japanese architects, natural ventilation, passive design, three-generation home

A big folded-plate roof wraps around the “divided houses” and shelters the common area and living room shared by the entire family. The name Rain Shelter House references the regional climate where the house is located, dominated by frequent heavy rain, northwest wind and snow. The massive roof bulges for the south and west side in order to block direct daylight in summer and provide ventilation for a comfortable housing space. A fan embedded into the roof has a sensor and provides fresh air during hot summer days. In winter the roof can bring in direct daylight due to low solar altitude and allows heat to accumulate in the mortar floor.

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“We planned the house as divided/parted one. That architecture makes some benefits for the client such as keeping adequate privacy among the family. And [the] client can sleep without any concern for disturbing noise of the other family members after his/her night shift work,” stated the architects of Y+M.

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