Designers at Studio Ooms have been working on a fantastic social project in Indonesia that helps to lift people out of poverty while creating great recycled products. So far, the team has spent five weeks in Jakarta working with former street children on Ffrash, an eco project that involves collecting trash and discarded materials and re-using them to produce furniture. Addressing the huge problem of waste in the capital city, the designers have created creative educational projects in order to teach about sustainability and recycling.

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The project was started by Gina Provó Kluit-Gonesh, who invited Ooms to form a collaboration between designers and local (formerly) homeless children from the city’s KDM shelter. Together they arranged workshops to collect the waste objects and materials and transform them into new designs.

After spending some time in Jakarta and surveying the problematic waste around the city, Ooms went back to The Netherlands and worked on a series of products that could be made entirely from waste materials. The designs include stools made from re-used plastic and wood, and vases formed by recycling light bulbs from local fishing boats. These would previously have been tossed overboard when the bulb died (around 12 light bulbs a month). Now the bulbs are collected for the project.

The team is still experimenting with designs from a wide array of collected trash. To keep up-to-date with their project follow their facebook page.

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Lead image by Pamela Mooij