Fiat, the Italian maker of the beloved 500 city car, will launch a trim TwinAir edition of the vehicle in the U.K. this summer that will get 57 miles per gallon and top out at 108 miles per hour. The new line is expected to start at about £11,500 ($18,800 U.S.) and will be powered by Fiat’s tiny and efficient 0.9-liter two-cylinder “MultiAir” engine. Zero to sixty?

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Well, not so impressive: Fiat says the TwinAir line dashes to 60 miles per hour in under 11 seconds, but last we checked that was a pretty abysmal number. Still, the TwinAir is a cute commuter: a piano black roof, satin chrome grille, chrome-tipped exhaust, rear spoiler, and black alloys are all on offer in addition to features like start-top technology, brake assist and hill holding, a leather steering wheel, electric mirrors, and fog lights.

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