Dragging your luggage around the airport is, well, a drag. You’ve probably imagined almost every scenario possible for making life easier when traveling. Almost – because you definitely haven’t thought of this: Using motion robotics and voice recognition technology, Fido Luggage packs the trainability and loyalty of a dog into a bright, shiny suitcase that follows you around. The obedient invention comes from architect/designer Peter Yeadon, who merges high-tech, scientific, and utilitarian approaches into a body of work that is as stupefyingly brilliant as it is hilariously ironic.

Fido Luggage appears, at first glance, to be remarkable only because of its colorful exterior and blob-like shape. But then you might notice it has a tail. And that it moves on its own, heels beside its owner, and changes direction on command. The owner wears a wristband, which holds an on-off switch for activating Fido, and a receiver for programming voice recognition. And in ways that only a robot can be superior to a dog, even when Fido gets old, you can still retrain it to respond to new commands.

Fido has laser sensors that keep it from nipping the heels of other travelers, and the ability to recognize and navigate uneven terrain. The internal battery can be recharged through an electrical cord, and also recharges through the rotation of Fido’s (independently controlled!) wheels. Fido’s shiny coat comes in an array of solid colors and computer-generated patterns, or you can customize your own. And for times when Fido gets tired, a leash comes built-in.

You may now toss your haphazardly rollerskating luggage out the window and go in search of Fido. It’s a traveler’s new best friend.

Peter Yeadon came to my attention via: Pruned.