We all have a friend with a coveted shoe collection, and Inhabitat may just have found its very own lustworthy selection of lace-ups. On show at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, Field is an installation by Dominic Wilcox featuring 500 eco-friendly Terra Plana shoes. But these are no ordinary earth kicks set in an array – Wilcox has added a bit of magic to each pair, lacing them up with growing, green shoelaces.

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The installation features a field of 500 sustainable shoes that have been laced up with grass like plants meant to grow and rise up in unison towards a window of light. A prime pick of brown Terra Plana shoes were opted to symbolize the Earth from which the laces would grow. Within Field, Wilcox seeks to enlighten onlookers to the connection between their material consumption and the natural world from which all these products have come and will return.

+ Dominic Wilcox