Decorative off-grid solar street lights from the U.S. were installed as part of the sustainable agenda for hosting the World Cup in Qatar. Near the end of 2022, the country will be hosting the popular event and created a green agenda to make it as sustainable as possible.

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Leaf-shaped street lights in a parking lot area

Doha installed 350 completely off-grid solar street lights for this initiative. The unique lights were produced by EnGoPlanet from Texas. The solar street light model is called the EnGo Leaf design, which won an A’ Design award in Street Furniture Design. They have also been installed in other locations previously, including Nevada, Texas, Antigua and Barbuda.

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Leaf-shaped street lamps in an empty lot to a building structure

EnGoPlanet focuses on solar street lights and smart solar furniture for public infrastructure. Some examples include solar-powered public benches and bus shelters. These are part of a push to build smart cities to power a sustainable clean energy future across the world.

An up-close of the top of a leaf-shaped street lamp

“Without these alternatives our future would be bleak, and we are happy to contribute to building smart sustainable cities. Demand for our products is growing, and we are planning to utilize newly adopted Inflation Reduction Act incentives to expand our manufacturing facilities in U.S.,” said EnGoPlanet’s CEO Petar Mirovic.

At night, a parking structure illuminated by leaf-shaped street lamps

Furthermore, solar street lights are an easy, economical and practical way to illuminate cities and roadways without added burden on a dirty grid. In Africa, 800 million people still live without electricity. The leaf lights could be a way to create off-grid infrastructure that doesn’t need the same maintenance as an electricity grid.

A park pathway with street lamps lit during night time

Moreover, they take advantage of the natural beauty of a bowing leaf shape. Placed on top are solar panel cells that face the sun, while angling LED lights shine down to the ground. The lights are battery powered and can be remotely managed. They are even designed to withstand winds and stay on during hurricane force storms.

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Images via EnGoPlanet