FIN Knit Black Dress

As follow up to last week’s coverage of New York Fashion Week and the House of Organic line up, we wanted to take a closer look at the stylish Norwegian eco-fashion house, Fin and their Fall 2008 ‘Eco Lux’ presentation. Fin‘s design philosophy runs as deep as the fjords of Norway, and principal designer Per Age Sivertsen has notably added volume and embroidered detail to the most recent collection as a means to celebrate movement, flux, and the dynamically draped female form. Fin has moved to the front of the fashion pack not only for its feminine and flirty green designs, but also for its ability to combine sustainable style with a carbon neutral credit buying program. There may by a hint of ‘poetic boho’ in their recent collection, but their mission is both playful and downright serious in its adherence to environmentally sound practices.

FIN W10 Embroidered White V-Neck DressFIN W10 Embroidered White V-Neck Dress

With recent criticism that organic dressing tends to be overly focused on pale beiges or off-white hues, we salute Fin for their use of sumptuous black, rich chocolate truffle, lustrous anthracite gray, and ‘Nordic-ice-flow’ blue in this season’s palette. Crisp white organic, Fair Trade v-neck cotton dresses delicately embroidered and handworked with lace add a feminine signature piece to wardrobes that aim to be versatile and timeless.

This is the first season that Fin has introduced an accessories line, and folks are taking note of the intricate hand-embroidery on their wild silk shawls and super-sized, super-cute organic baby alpaca scarves. These luxurious accessories are a great way to embellish Fin‘s flowing jersey dresses or wild silk wrap dresses. As of 2009, Fin will incorporate ‘wild silk’ into all of their garments. (‘Wild silk’ or ‘peace silk’ is a handspun silk fabric that is harvested after the silkworm has turned into a free-flying moth – eliminating the death of the worm during production.) The introduction of organic baby alpaca as a fiber also insures that Fin‘s future collections continue in the direction of tactile and sensuous pieces. It was pretty evident from what we saw at fashion week that eco-luxe is here to stay and Fin is helping to insure that we are finding relaxed, intelligent ways to address both luxury and future solutions for dressing.

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