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The founders of Treeline Roof-Top Tents created the company in 2013 after a precarious encounter with a grizzly bear on a camping trip. After being trapped inside their tent overnight, the campers became dedicated to providing nature lovers like themselves with a new and safer way to camp. Their new line of roof top tents, which can be installed on any vehicle with at least a 37-inch roof rack, includes a variety of intelligent design features including curved angles meant to reduce weight while improving water shedding and areodynamics.

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The latest model, The Tamarack Constellation, comes with dual skylights, shoe storage bags and a built in cloth-covered high density mattress. And yes, it even comes with a unisex urinal for those overnight calls from nature. Like all of the Treeline Roof-top tents, the 97-pound Constellation allows for easy setup for even the clumsiest of campers. Chock full of useful amentities for any camping trip, the comfortable roof top design enables serious campers to enjoy the outdoor experience with the added security of being out of reach of local wildlife.

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