This striking slate gray structure unfolds from its verdant environs with a low-profile envelope that rises out from under a grassy hill. Constructed by G ateliers Architecture in Guatapé-Antioquia, Colombia, it’s one of a series of 8 ecological shelters that make strident efforts to seamlessly integrate modern architecture with local topography.

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G ateliers Architecture constructed their Finca el Retorno refuge as an eco-friendly complex that consists of a series of hiking trails, a chapel, a restaurant, and 8 shelters. Each unit is topped with an insulating green roof that seamlessly extends the slope of the hill while giving the structure a sleek profile. Inside, beautiful wood paneled walls are awash in daylight provided by integrated skylights. We love how these structures’ streamlined profiles crop out like rocky shelves, beautifully complimenting their immediate environment.

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