This beautiful little Fincube is a high-tech, low energy, small footprint residence that offers fantastic views of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. Built on a pedestal, the one-bedroom residence sits off the ground, providing better views and ventilation while minimizing its footprint on the ground. Studio Aisslinger and hotelier Josef Innerhof originally designed this one-bedroom residence as an option for eco tourism that would have a small impact on the natural landscape, but still let visitors experience beautiful sites.

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The Fincube is oriented in a helical pattern, so when visitors enter up through the pedestal, they travel in a circle through the kitchen, living area, then the bedroom and finally the bathroom. Triple-glazed windows cover the entire facade of the home, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape, and an exterior shade screen with walkway cages in the house. The shade screen provides shading and ventilation for the house without impinging on the stunning views. Additionally, the home is a smart house and all vital house-functions are controlled by a central touchpad and a solar system can easily be added to the roof.

The home offers just a single level of living space, but it’s raised 3 meters off the ground with a supporting structure made from locally-sourced larch. The footprint of the structure is only 2 sq meters (10.7 sq ft), but the kitchen, living space, bedroom and bathroom amount to 47 sq meters (506 sq ft) of living space. Local suppliers and craftsman were utilized to build this home, which can also be easily dismantled and moved to a new site if required. With only a small area of the home touching the ground, there is less damage to the earth and the ground could quickly recover when the residence is moved.