Green is probably the first thing that you will think of when you see the interior of Green&Protein Podgorica Food and Drinks in Podgorica, Montenegro. Designed by Malden Group, the space is definitely focused on being green. That goes for the color of the space as well as the commitment to building a better future.

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A smoothie space with green walls, plants and a dark green counter

The interior is meant to provide a healthy environment. The design was inspired by recycled cardboard tubes, which were used to help create the overall design. It was also inspired by the color green itself, which you’ll see everywhere inside this space.

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A green walled drinks place with orb lights on the walls and a dark green counter

Additionally, real plants decorate the interior, adding real green to the overall design. Trees grow in large pots near the green walls and hang from the ceiling above. Little touches of pretty pastel accents appear throughout the design to offset the multiple shades of green.

A narrow rectangle room with both sides of the wall green with lights attached to the wall

Overall, the effect is inviting, comfortable and easy to be in. Being stress-free is another way to be healthy. This space is designed to improve your overall well-being in multiple ways. And since they’re serving up healthy stuff for you to enjoy, you can just sit here and feel better.

A green walled seating area of a smoothie shop

Moreover, the floor creates an industrial look that plays against the warmth of the rest of the space. The tables and stools are topped with wood that adds a beautiful natural element to the space. Natural elements and industrial design touches come together in a visual reminder that humans and nature must learn how to live in harmony in a healthy way.

Two images left to right: A long table with six stools and an overhang of planters against a green colored wall, a spiral green staircase with someone climbing

Health has become more important than ever before in human history. It is talked about more, it is studied more and it is more a part of daily culture and knowledge than it probably has ever been. But it’s not just the health of people that’s trending. The health of the planet is also at the top of most people’s conversation topics. This space showcases that in a striking way that sets the tone for what design needs to be going forward.

+ Maden Group

Photography by Leonit Ibrahimi