Finland recently unveiled plans to build the world’s first green highway — an 81-mile stretch of road that would feature charging stations for electric cars and pumps filled with local biofuels. Outfitted with energy-efficient lighting systems and geothermal heat pumps, the proposed carbon-neutral roadway handily out-greens Britain’s plans for a green service station.

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The road would link the southeastern coastal town of Loviisa, which is lobbying for the green infrastructure, with Vaalimaa near the Russian border. Waste from the region would be used to produce biofuels and electricity for the service stations. The road would also feature smart lighting systems — lights would shut off if there were no cars and the brightness would adjust to weather conditions, which I imagine can get pretty nasty.

Although conventional gas stations would also be available, the long-term goal is to create a carbon-neutral roadway. The $900-million plan will only become a reality if the European Union provides support.

Via PhysOrg