When design firms RESORTUM and OSUMA Architects were tapped to design a house by a Finnish lake, it was clear from the get-go that there was no point in trying to compete with the pristine landscape. Thus, the team turned to nature for inspiration in their design of Villa Kaislaranta, a summer retreat that blends into its surroundings. Timber cladding echoes the forest background, while large windows blur the boundary between indoors and out.

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Located on a lakeside in central Finland, the Villa Kaislaranta was built for a recently retired couple who hoped to make the most of the short Nordic summers with a home that embraced the outdoors. The expanse of glazing on the east facade overlooks morning views of the lake, while wraparound wooden terraces extend the living spaces outdoors.

living room Villa Kaislaranta by RESORTUM and OSUMA Architects

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“We wanted to preserve the pristine lake surroundings from too many manmade visual intrusions,” wrote the architects. “The challenge was that we wanted to design enough space for the extended family and friends to visit but at the same time keep the facade and volume toward the lake to a minimum.” To downplay the building’s presence, the architects applied timber on the interior and exterior. The open-plan living areas are placed closer to the lake while a long built-in bookshelf and corridor divides the communal area from the private sleeping quarters.


+ OSUMA Architects

Images via RESORTUM

Wooden terrace Villa Kaislaranta by RESORTUM and OSUMA Architects

Finland summer villa Villa Kaislaranta by RESORTUM and OSUMA Architects