The eyes have it in Fiona Roberts‘ spooky Scopophilia chair – which is made from hundreds of glass eyes! The Australian designer didn’t skin a hundred Furby dolls to make the eye-catching chair, but instead repurposed a slew of disused plastic eye balls. The red upholstered chair surely makes the sitter the center of attention, as all eyes are on them.

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Fiona Roberts folded the fabric upholstery of her Scopophilia chair countless times to form blood-red eyelids around each eyeball. Held in place with upholstery buttons, the resulting surface is as chilling as a scene out of a horror movie! The paranoia-inducing armchair is lined with peepers on every surface, making their imminent gaze inescapable. Despite the oodles of eyeballs, the plush red velvet creates a comfy cradle for a brave sitter.

Robert’s Scopophilia chair (which literally means “the love of looking”), combines creepy repurposed materials with high design. Part functional furniture and part art sculpture, the chair transforms ordinary velvet into crawling flesh, giving the haunting chair the power to intimidate its sitter!

+ Fiona Roberts

Via Design You Trust