Chevy just delivered the first 2017 Bolt electric cars to three customers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Boasting an EPA-estimated range of 238 miles per full charge, the “electric car for the masses” has a starting price of $37,495, and could cost owners as little as $29,995 after federal tax credits. The Bolt EV’s timely arrival precedes that of the Tesla Model 3.

Three Chevy customers received their Bolt EVs On December 13, meeting the company’s pledge to bring their long-anticipated long-range electric car to market at an inexpensive price. The three customers include retired law enforcement officer William “Bill” Mattos; the Bolt EV is his third Chevy electric car. Commercial real estate broker Steve Henry replaces a Toyota Prius with his new Bolt EV, and software developer Bobby Edmonds replaces a BMW i3.

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Edmonds said the technology and range of the Bolt EV attracted him to the vehicle, as well as the style and spacious interior. “I look forward to the longer drives I can make compared to the i3 that I owned,” he said.

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Global Chevrolet brand chief Alan Batey said in a statement, “All of the hard work that the Chevrolet team have put into designing, engineering, and building the Bolt EV brings us to this truly satisfying moment of making the first deliveries to customers on-time, as planned. Chevrolet is proud to offer a vehicle like the Bolt EV, with groundbreaking technology wrapped in a modern design that is also fun to drive at an affordable price.”

Soon more customers will have access to the shiny new cars. Bolt EVs are en route to California and Oregon right now, and will arrive some time later this month. Several Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states like Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia will also receive cars during this winter. Dealerships in other major metropolitan areas can expect the cars in the first half of 2017.

Via Chevrolet

Images by Martin Klimek for Chevrolet