The first shipment of 3Doodler 3D pens are making their way to customers across the globe. Like a handheld 3D printer, the 3Doodler lets users make 3D objects, just by drawing them in the air. The first 30,000 customers who supported the company’s Kickstarter campaign will soon be drawing up a storm of 3D objects.

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Its no surprise that the world’s first handheld printing device exceeded it’s fundraising target of $30,000 within hours of launching on Kickstarter. By the end of its run, 3Doodler gained $2.3 million in campaign support from eager 3D printing fans. Despite the overwhelming response, WobbleWorks, the 3Doodler’s manufacturer, has reported that everything is on schedule, and all backers will receive their new pens in a timely manner.

The portable 3Doodler is similar to a 3D printer in that it uses the same ABS and PLA plastic “ink,” or filament, to create durable 3D forms. Customers will receive the pen along with fifty strands of plastic in an array of colors, to meet their 3D printing needs. Users can draw up anything they desire, from architecture to art to toys, so long as the pen is connected to a continuous power source.

The pen can be used by design professionals, but at $99 is also priced low enough for everyone to experiment with. Artists, hobbyists, 3D printing fans, and even kids can soon get in on the latest in 3D printing action.

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