An Italian startup behind the world’s first carbon dioxide battery has signed a deal to export the technology to the U.S. The company says that its technology is the missing link that could supercharge the transition to renewable energy. 

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Energy Dome‘s CO2 battery is designed for utility-scale applications. It can store huge amounts of energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar. The energy is then released later for use during times of need.

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Energy storage is one of the major obstacles affecting the transition to clean energy. Solar and wind energy can be harvested in large amounts, but there is no sufficient storage. The available batteries such as lithium and lead batteries are quite expensive. Furthermore, these batteries are only ideal for small-scale storage.

On the other hand, the CO2 battery is both sustainable and cheaper. The battery is also less prone to degradation

“Energy Dome’s CO2 batteries can be quickly deployed anywhere in the world at less than half the cost of similar-sized lithium-ion battery storage facilities, and use readily available materials, such as carbon dioxide, steel and water,” said Energy Dome in a press release.

The CO2 battery simply uses condensed CO2 to store energy. When energy is available in huge amounts, it can be used to condense and store CO2 under pressure. When there is a need for energy, the CO2 is heated and converted into gas to power turbines.

Energy Dome launched its first plant in Sardinia earlier this year. The success of the plant has proven that it matches the potential of other energy storage devices.

Elemental Excelerator, a U.S. company, has extended funding and partnership to the startup in a deal that will bring the technology to the U.S. According to Elemental Excelerator, such an energy storage device has been the missing piece in the puzzle of decarbonization.

Via Independent

Lead image via Energy Dome