An exciting new project in Detroit will use recycled shipping containers to create an innovative new community space that will be used to bring back the art of storytelling. The plan calls for two phases of construction. The first will cover a community lobby called First Container, which would later be joined by phase two, a shipping container space and hotel called Collision Works. Both projects will re-enliven Detroit’s Eastern Market area, inviting locals and visitors to reconnect and share stories, while encouraging community programming in the shipping container complex.

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First Container, the first phase, is a movable lobby of sorts, creating a hub for the project next to the Eastern Market Corporation farmer’s market from a disused shipping container. Inside, storytellers are welcome to meet and share stories on comfy couches or at the community table with free wi-fi. Designer Shel Kimen will invite story tellers from all persuasions — art, sciences, literary, and even farming, to meet, share, and offer short programs about their experiences.

Once First Container is established, the container will be moved a few blocks away, where it will join the 36-room Collision Works Hotel site. The creative hotel will double as a community space, offering programming, education, and a sustainable business center to help invigorate the economy and community. The programming and common areas will be supported by income from the shipping container hotel, enabling the space to invite local musicians, experts, artists and directors to share their love of Detroit and its effect on their careers. The project is being funded through Kickstarter, with perks like retreats in Collision Works for your group.