For those of you with the latest iPod or iPhone Touch, in a months time you’ll be able to charge your Apple gadgets with a fancy schmancy new solar case. Novothink, a manufacturer of alternative electronic devices, has just released their Solar Surge for the iPod and iPhone Touch. Your igadget slides easily into the hard case solar charger and can get fully juiced up from the sun! With something this handy and easy, you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery. It’s brilliant really. Can they please make one for Blackberrys too?

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The integrated solar panel on the back of the case allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod soley from sunpower without the need for any other energy source. However, for convenience, there is an additional USB cable that can help you charge your device should there be no sunlight in your vicinity. Four LED indicators let you know whether you have sufficient light source for solar charging and approximately how much charge level remains in your case. When all 4 indicators are green, the Surge is fully charged. And when your device is not in the case, the Solar Surge stores power in an internal battery.

These chargers are the first to be licensed by Apple and only work on the newer devices, so sorry, your older ones aren’t compatible. Novothink’s Solar Surge will be available for the iPod Touch 2G later this month and will sell for $70. The iPhone 3G and 3GS model will be available fall 2009. At a reasonable price of $70, how could you possibly turn down this convenient and portable solar gadget?

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