Good news for aviation and biofuel buffs: TAM Airlines (Brazil’s largest carrier) and Airbus recently completed the first jatropha biofuel-based test flight. The flight, conducted on an A320, was juiced up on a blend of 50% locally sourced Jatropha-based bio-kerosene and 50% conventional aviation kerosene.

TAM’s flight wasn’t very long – the 45 minute flight went from Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport and back, carrying 20 Airbus and TAM employees on board.

TAM is hoping to take part in the creation of a production chain for Brazilian-based jatropha fuel, and the output will be for the exclusive use of the aviation industry. Airbus will also be blending alternative fuels into its flights around the world – the company was involved in the first commercial aircraft flight using gas-to-liquid (GTL) kerosene in 2008, and in 2009 an A340-600 became the first commercial plane to fly on a 50% blended GTL.

Via The Engineer