A new McDonald’s restaurant has opened in West Virginia and it seems they’ve got a trick up their sleeve – EV charging stations in their parking lot. That’s right, they’ve teamed up with American Electric Power to install two electric vehicle charging stations at the new Huntington, WV golden arched location. Though we applaud Ronald’s efforts, we’re wary of the reasoning behind this sudden green transportation decision.

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Don’t get us wrong, we love the constant springing-up of electric vehicle chargers across the world — from London to New York City they are multiplying by the minute — but when someone says “McDonald’s,” we kind of have to cringe (no matter what kind of green innovation its followed by). The recent news that a McDonald’s Happy Meal didn’t start to decompose for six whole months when left out just confirmed our Supersize Me worries about what the food is doing to the health of humankind.

Even on McDonald’s nutrition page, their tag line is, “It’s all about delicious choices.” They don’t even try to say anything about nutrition. With a McDonald’s Big Mac clocking in at twice the level of recommended sodium and half the recommended fat intake of an average daily diet, we’re thinking that the fast food giant might want to hit the root of the problem of their impact before they start installing EV charging stations – though we do applaud the fact that they are doing something to go green. Every little bit helps, but here’s to hoping that this EV charging station is the beginning of a bigger change at the golden arches — don’t worry, we’re not holding our breath.

Via Autoblog Green