Another small step for ice cream, a giant leap forward for the planet. The world’s first regenerative- farming verified and USDA organic certified ice cream is here. Alec’s Ice Cream is land-to-market, eco-friendly, organic, gut-friendly and it’s really tasty.

Right to left: A man holding an ice cream, a pyramid stack of ice cream pints

That’s right, gut-friendly. This ice cream is made with milk protein that is easier to digest. And about those cows, they benefit from holistic farming practices that are designed to reverse the effects of climate change. By carefully managing the cows and using cover crops, farmers create an environment that is literally made to improve the environment.

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An up-close swirl of a peanut butter ice cream

The regenerative cane sugar used in this ice cream was not grown with synthetic fertilizers and helped to offset more than 8,000 pounds of CO2 in the air. That’s quite a lot of damage that’s being undone, and all by ice cream. Regenerative farming practices help add soil to the Earth, remove carbon from the air and uses no pesticides or chemicals.

Two ice cream cartons loaded with ice cream scoops on top of them, one chocolate and the other vanilla

Additionally, the milk comes from a single source: a family-owned dairy farm in northern California that uses regenerative farming and maintains an A2 milk farm. There are two types of beta-casein, which is the protein in milk. Most milk is a mix of A1 and A2. However, studies suggest that A2 is the healthier choice. That’s why this ice cream is good for your gut.

Right to left: A carton of ice cream with ice cream scoops stacked on top of it, a person holding five ice cream cartons in their arms

It’s also good for the world. It’s pretty rare that you can say that about ice cream. According to the World Wildlife Fund, about 10% of all the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers is used for ice cream, to the tune of about 23 million gallons of milk. There are six flavors of this ice cream, so far. Chocolate chocolate chip, Tahitian vanilla bean, honey blueberry lavender, salted caramel latte, mint chocolate chip and matcha chocolate chip are all available.

Alec’s Ice Cream is available in stores all over the U.S. It’s also available for purchase online.

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