Regenerative farming is the current zeitgeist in the fight for sustainable farming practices. It provides both a connection with the deep history of land management and a template for sustainable food production for the future. California meat distributor Cream Co. Meats is setting a new standard for the meat that lands on our tables, including California’s first ever regenerative farm-raised turkeys.

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With Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays in our thoughts, Cream Company has partnered with PT Regenerative Farm to source broad-breasted white turkeys. The date to receive the birds through shipping has passed, but there are still a few pick up dates available if you order by November 22. Turkeys are expected to sell out. 

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This isn’t Cream Co.’s first dive into collaboration with regenerative farms. In fact, it’s been the focus of the company for the past five years.

“We source meat and forge partnerships that value quality over quantity, flavor over convenience and transparency at every step,” Cream Co. said.

It recognizes that the current practices in mass producing meat is unsustainable. It’s bad for the environment in many ways, including sucking up resources, releasing high levels of methane and stripping the soil. 

Cream Co. maintains a focus on transparency as they build relationships with the supply chain on one end and consumers on the other. They work directly with regenerative ranching operations throughout California, Oregon and Washington. They are well-established as a source for providing quality meats across the consumer marketplace.

“As the only 100% natural-or-better USDA processor in the metropolitan Bay Area and the largest supplier of sustainable and regenerative meats on the West Coast, Cream Co. is dedicated to revolutionizing a highly commoditized industry by creating new opportunities for people to enjoy meat responsibly,” Cream Co. said. “[We] are invested in every aspect of [our] partners’ operations, from the art of heritage breed and feed selection, through to the logistics of humane slaughter and efficient distribution.”

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In addition to focusing on progressive land management, Cream Co. sees the value of supporting independent ranchers and ensuring ethical treatment of animals. Investing in the benefits of regenerative ranching allows Cream Co. to provide quality meat to restaurants, markets and butchers. Now, it also directs to the public with the regenerative turkeys this fall season. In support of this mission, Cream Co. has grown to become the largest processor and distributor of sustainable and regenerative meat in California.

The meat sourced through Cream Co. is high quality because of the way the ranches are managed. Regenerative farming and ranching is a technique that creates a sustainable ecosystem on each ranch. Take, for example, the turkeys from PT Ranch, which were raised feeding on native grasses. With the needs of the animals and the land naturally supported by regenerative farming techniques, the birds were raised without the need for antibiotics, hormones, GMOs or additives. Plus, they are free range birds so they were not subjected to unsanitary and overcrowded living conditions.

“We are excited to partner with PT Ranch, as their focus on soil health is aligned to our values,” said Cream Co.’s Founder Cliff Pollard. “PT Ranch implements rotational multi-species grazing, cover cropping, no-till farming, compost application and agroforestry to sequester carbon in the soil. Healthier soil increases the health of the animals and creates delicious, nutrient-dense food. We want you to feel good about the meat you are consuming, and discover how the choices you make can nourish your family, the environment and our precious West Coast food web.”

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PT Ranch spans 500-acres a few hours from San Francisco in the Sierra-Nevada foothills. The third generation land is taking new form for first time farmers Emily and Ned Taylor. In their efforts to embrace sustainable farming techniques, they’ve ditched traditional methods in favor of new land management strategies. In order to claim the label of a regenerative farm, the couple works with the Savory Institute to record changes in the soil and overall ecosystem on the farm. They’ve committed to a 10-year study that will verify how the land management is effectively improving the soil and biodiversity on the land. 

PT Ranch has earned the certification as an Ecological Outcome Verified Ranch. Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) is a breakout classification as the world’s first verified regenerative sourcing solution for meat, dairy, wool and leather. The assessment includes a comprehensive study of soil makeup, the health and development of biodiversity and an evaluation of how the ecosystem functions as a whole. 

As regenerative farming and ranching practices continue to take hold, with a focus on the benefits to the land and the animals, products from Cream Co. set a new standard for meat consumption that is healthy without harm to humans or the environment. The mission-driven company is out to prove there is a way to provide nourishing food without harsh impacts on the land. 

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