Fisker Automotive, an ambitious start-up raising funds to manufacture green luxury cars, has announced that they’ve reached their $1 billion dollar goal! With ample funds now in hand the company is setting plans in motion to put their vehicle – the Fisker Karma – into full production for sale this summer! Fisker has announced that dealerships can start to fulfill the already 3,000 pre-ordered electric cars as soon as June.

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The Fisker Karma’s prototype is a gorgeous green four door machine, manufactured in California. The Karma has the zero emission benefits of an all electric car, and is comparable to a conventional four passenger luxury car. It features recycled and reclaimed materials, like recycled aluminum, as well as solar panels and leather-free EcoPremium Suede interiors.

The Karma will soon be a reality thanks to a load award from the Department of Energy for green car manufacturing, which totalled $528.7 million. In addition, Fisker recently raised another $150 million, bringing them closer to their $1billion goal – both numbers that are incredibly impressive for a green start up company that has yet to produce a product.  The other option for Fisker would be to go public. The popular Tesla electric car did just that and went IPO, and has done extremely well.

A plan initially set with a March 21st production date, the Karma’s funding has hit some roadblocks since it’s initial launch plan of November 2009. But the good news is, if all goes as planned, the almost $100,000 Fisker Karma will be cruising the streets by July.

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