The past few weeks have seen a rapid unraveling of Fisker Automotive’s stability, as CEO Henrik Fisker announced his resignation, bankruptcy rumors swirled and the company laid off 75 percent of its work force. And now, as GigaOM reports, lawsuits against Fisker are starting to pile up, lending further credence to suggestions that the company will soon file for bankruptcy. Both Fisker’s landlords and the automaker’s web designer have filed claims totaling $700,000 in allegedly unpaid bills.

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Fisker’s landlord, WWG Canyon Corporate Owner, claims that Fisker has failed to pay $174,000 in rent for April for their Anaheim, California property. Filed on April 10, the legal paperwork gave Fisker five days to pay in full or be evicted from the facility—as of yet, it is unclear whether that deadline, now passed, has been met. Two days later, on April 12, web and mobile site designers Ignited filed a suit claiming $535 million in unpaid bills. (See GigaOM’s posts here and here for the legal documents).

Additionally, Fisker is facing a class action suit from employees having failed to provide the requisite 60 days notice to its workers when announcing it would lay off 160 people—75 percent of the automaker’s workforce. On April 24th, Fisker will face a committee of House Republicans regarding the $193 million that they drew from a US Government loan under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program.

As the lawsuits begin to pile up, many sources are suggesting that Fisker will seek bankruptcy protection within the week, as the company continues to seek investors that might save the luxury plug-in hybrid.

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Via GigaOM, via Autoblog Green