A123, the battery manufacturer that supplies power packs to Fisker Automotive, has admitted that some batteries installed in the Karma may malfunction due to misaligned hose clamps. The hose clamps could lead to a coolant leak, which in turn could cause an electrical shortage in the vehicle. A123 says that fewer than 50 Karmas were affected by the defect, and they’ve already begun fixing the issue.

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The Fisker Karma was recently named Car of the Year by British TV Show Top Gear and Luxury Car of the Year by Top Gear Magazine. It’s also dazzled the media due to its famous owners and sky-high mpg rating. Plus the silky lines of the high-powered plug in hybrid electric vehicle make it easy on the eyes and the power it packs under the hood — 403 horsepower — causes car enthusiasts to swoon. It seems as if A123 and Fisker are taking heavy action to ensure that their prized vehicle retains that recent media glow.

We have determined that some of the battery packs we produce for Fisker Automotive could have a potential safety issue relating to the battery cooling system,” noted A123 CEO David Vieau in a statement about the issue. “There have been no related battery performance or safety incidents with cars in the field. However, A123 and Fisker are committed to safety and are taking immediate, proactive steps to prevent any issue from occurring,” Vieau added. We should hope that with a vehicle that costs about $100k, an owner would get such careful assurance of its safety.

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