Henrik Fisker and the Fisker Automotive team are racking up quite the list of awards this year – and their pile might just about be complete with their latest accolade. The UK’s immensely popular Top Gear TV show just named the Fisker Karma the “Car of the Year” and Top Gear Magazine named the extended range electric vehicle the “Luxury Car of the Year” – an award that has previously been graced upon such high end autos as the Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupe, the Jaguar XJ and the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe. In our recent interview with Henrik Fisker about his groundbreaking luxury design he noted that he just wanted to show the public that green design can be cool, and from the looks of it he is certainly succeeding.

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With recent numbers out of the Technischer Üeberwachungs Verein (TÜV) that gave the Karma an impressive 112 mpg rating, it is one of the greenest cars on the road. With a price tag for the basic model at $95,900, this is no family vehicle but a serious sports car with a body of undulating curves that perfectly match its uncanny ability to take a bend in the road. Top Gear writers and TV hosts recognized the car’s driving skills, masterful aesthetic and innovative design with these two well deserved awards.

Cleverness abounds in the Fisker and adds to the air of intelligent luxury. It works well, it looks good and it must be a genuinely exciting thing to own,” said Charlie Turner, BBC Top Gear magazine editor. “It’s the top-of-the-line spec that features no leather, just textiles and reclaimed wood. And it’s more convincing than it sounds, managing to look, feel and smell premium without any cow peel in it at all,” he added.

In response to the awards Henrik Fisker said, “it is fantastic news that the Karma has won two awards from Top Gear. We realize that we are at the beginning of our journey and awards like this remind us we are on the right road – building enticing green cars that people actually want to own.” Fisker added that he was especially excited that this was a European award for an American-made car, “it’s a triumph that American engineers have designed and engineered this ground breaking car at our global Headquarters in Anaheim, CA and that there is now a new American car option that is bold, beautiful, smart, and environmentally responsible.”

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