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There is good news, however. EPA certification is the final hurdle preventing Fisker from selling the Karma in the U.S., and since the numbers are finally in, the company will start importing the cars “now-ish,” with the first 39 arriving on our shores from Finland in about 2 weeks. Luxury buyers are likely not as concerned with the fuel economy figures as they are with the beauty of this beast, so we expect Fisker will build incrementally on this performance and still do just fine. Plus, 32 miles isn’t far off from our real-world 37-mile range in the Chevy Volt, which also aimed at 50 miles on electric power, so most people driving these cars near cities could stay away from all-gasoline mode entirely. Company co-founder and CEO Henrik Fisker says he expects most customers will beat the EPA numbers to achieve that 50-mile figure.

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Via Green Car Reports, AutoBlog Green