Two weeks ago, Fisker Automotive and their battery supplier A123 announced to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that the lithium ion batteries used in their Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid electric models were faulty. Just last night the Fisker team announced they’d already contacted all Karma owners and have almost completed replacing the battery packs free of charge – and those that hadn’t been replaced had appointments booked for the fix. Fisker’s speedy handling of this potentially disastrous situation is just another example of their well-oiled design practice and the dedication their founder has to making the Karma the best plug-in vehicle on the market.

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We will always react quickly to ensure the safety and quality of our cars. We decided that the immediate replacement of the battery pack in every vehicle was the right approach for all our customers,” Henrik Fisker, legendary car designer and the founder of Fisker Automotive, said in a message to Karma owners. “We identified the appropriate fix, made our retailers aware of the situation and began contacting all our customers within 48 hours and were well advanced with the recall ourselves before the official posting on the NHSTA website.”

Problems arose for the Karma when their battery supplier A123 announced that misaligned clamps in the battery pack could cause coolant leaking which in turn could result in an electrical shortage. A123 was quick to take blame for the problem and as we now see, the folks at Fisker Automotive were quick to fix it. Karma owners can rest easy that their $100K cars are in very good hands.

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