Legendary automotive designer Henrik Fisker teased us last month with the promise of a 400-mile range electric sports car that could potentially create stiff competition for the Tesla Model S, and now he’s released a few images to show off his creation. His new company, Fisker Inc, is aiming sky-high, claiming its upcoming offering, an all-electric luxury sedan dubbed the EMotion, will be capable of “fully autonomous driving” and powered by a graphene-based battery. As with Fisker’s previous forays into the EV market, there are a lot of lofty promises attached to this burgeoning design, and time will tell whether the company can back them up.

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Fisker released a sneak peak of the nose end of his new EV in late October. The EMotion sedan looks somewhat similar to the Tesla Model S, but is more angular and almost robotic in nature. The EMotion is also outfitted with dihedral “butterfly” front and back doors, a departure from the norm. It’s worth mentioning that while the Tesla Model S has standard doors, fans will be familiar with the falcon-wing doors on the Model X, which actually caused a delay in the SUV’s release date due to their complicated operations. It’s no surprise that Fisker found a way to incorporate some wow-factor in the door department of his new EV.

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Fisker is falling short in one important area when it comes to this new design, where it comes to evidence. Tesla is famous for teasing about new products or functions and then swiftly delivering demonstrations, but so far Fisker is all talk and no show. There’s been no word on who will produce the self-driving technology Fisker plans to use (whereas Tesla developed its own) and the next-gen graphene battery tech is also a mystery at this point. With the Model S having a top range around 300 miles, far and above that of other electric luxury cars, Fisker will have to put his money where his mouth is in order to convince the world that he can actually create the dream car that will send a shockwave through the EV market.

Whether Fisker Inc has what it takes to knock Tesla off its throne is another story, and we’re sure Elon Musk will have a thing or two up his sleeve to keep the competition exciting.

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Images via Fisker Inc