Telecommuting saves workers money on subway or gas costs while conserving energy – but it can also mean less exercise. The folks at FitDesk have a solution – a brilliant bicycle/desk that combines work and exercise! The stationary cycling system has a mount for your laptop, allowing you to burn calories while answering emails.

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The FitDesk Pedal Desk has a firm grip desktop, which keeps your laptop safe and secure while you pedal your way to fitness. The high-quality stationary bike offers various speeds and resistance strengths to ensure a great workout for users of all fitness levels.

The Pedal Desk also offers a comfortable arm rest and support when used just as an exercise bike. The desk top can also be used to support the arms while you’re playing your favorite video game!

The FitDesk was designed for the busy individual who may not have time for fitness and training, or new business ventures that require round-the-clock emailing, researching and writing on the computer. With FitDesk, users can train for a charity bike ride while cleaning out their inboxes.

FitDesk also makes an adapter model for indoor bike trainers, or for those who already have an exercise bike. The FitDesk PRO snaps onto the handles to ensure sturdy leverage for your laptop. Now you can kill two birds with one stone by exercising while you work, and enjoy more free time!

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