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The couple took an integral role in the renovation and extension of the residence, working with Fitzsimmons Architects to adjoin six properties around the Coyne property to eventually create a compound-like estate. The first steps were to renovate the main house – they began by raising the roof and replacing it with a fractured plain roof.  The new roof sits above a border of windows, extending the interior upward and flooding the rooms with natural light without compromising privacy. The roof is supported by a double-skinned façade of steel, which protects the main house from solar gain. The exoskeleton also provides shade to the existing patio below, while allowing daylight to shine into the perimeter border of windows. The patio is lined with a glass curtain that opens, connecting the interior with the yard.

The Coyne’s bedroom suite, which was converted from an apartment attached to the warehouse, is lined with a wall of glass doors that open to a private garden.  A wood burning stove sits at the foot of the bed above a hand-tiled floor in the shape of a skull, designed by Mrs. Coyne. A circular mirrored cut out leads to the bathroom, which is perhaps the crowning feature of the room. Clad in smooth Gaudian white concrete, the walls curve in organic shapes, suggesting an architectural cave. The shower and soaking tub are lit with LED lights, which are reflected within the all white interior.

The main living area is converted from a three car garage, and it also opens to the outdoors. Constructed just for the Coynes, the courtyard is home to the “Dragon Egg,” a giant disco ball-like sculpturethat casts a mosaic of light around the yard and into the home’s interior.

The innovative home, fit for a rock star, also symbolizes the musician’s attempt to incite social change in his childhood area, and increase the quality of life for his neighbors.

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Images ©Joseph Mills for Fitzsimmons Architecture