Russian studio Art Lebedev has designed a series of bite-sized cardboard memory sticks that set a new standard for convenient memory storage. Dubbed Flashkus, the easy-to-use, recyclable storage drives are available in perforated ‘magazine’ strips, and they feature a space to write a brief contents description.

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The Moscow-based interface design studio has developed a line of Flashkus disks in an array of sizes ranging from 4 to 16GBs. Despite being a clever new option for portable computer memory, the sticks do raise a series of questions about sustainability. Rather then using a flash drive for a short while and then recycling it, perhaps there’s a case for the longevity of a bigger and more durable hard-drive or other storage device. Still, the Flashkus do fill the gap left by the largely redundant floppy disc, and we could see them offering a great alternative to bulky media kits laden with cds, flash drives, pamphlets, and folders!

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