The tragic earthquake in Haiti has provoked a number of architects to think about how they can help with disaster relief. One recent example we looked at was the SEED project, which uses shipping containers as temporary housing. Now architect Andres Duany has designed a fireproof, waterproof, and moldproof flat-pack temporary house that could easily be shipped to the ailing country.

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The composite construction homes, which measure 8’2″ x 8’2″ x 19’8, sleep eight using bunk beds. Additional modules can be tacked on for larger homes. Duany already has a prototype under construction in a Florida factory — the next step is to scout out potential sites in Haiti and get sponsorships to build, ship, and install the homes.

Duany has experience in disaster relief. The architect helped design and construct 3,000 homes after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Mississippi. And he already has modular home company Innovida lined up to help with the flat pack houses. Even if Duany only gets a few hundred of his houses out to Haiti, it’s always encouraging to see new, quality examples of emergency shelter.

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