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The massive arch is 800 meters across or the length of the Burj Khalifabuilding set on its side. The principle was to build a large buildingwithout disrupting the skyline of a midsized city. Sizable honeycomb perforations allow daylight into the green space below while providing windows for the complex’s rooms.

The building will hold recreational facilities at the ground level and residential and office spaces inside the vast complex above. Spaces can be arranged as clusters to provide for the needs of the inhabitants. Connectivity is achieved by anautomated transport system.

The roof mimics ahill, providing an optimal space to install solar electric panels on the southern face. The building also can collect rainwater for domestic use or to feed the urban green space below its arched mass. The design team note that while this project was placed in Rennes, France, it could work well in many mid sized cities.

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