Designer Kouichi Okamoto proves that good things come in small packages with his new Honeycomb Lamp. Reminiscent of paper party decorations, the Honeycomb Lamp unfolds from 2cm of paper into a lightweight, cheap-and-cheerful lamp. Its ability to be flatpacked for easy shipping and storage makes it a great item for compact living (perfect for on-the-go college students…)

And, for only $30 it certainly won’t break the bank.

+$30 from Kyouei-Ltd

Made of Denguri paper, a product local to the Shikoku region in Japan, the Honeycomb Lamp’s fold-out paper outline is flexible enough to surround any light bulb and socket. All you need to do is affix the pins that hold it together (which come included).

We can’t wait to see what comes next from Okamoto’s treasury of inventive paper designs, which he promises will be equally adaptable and affordable.

Kouichi Okamoto
via: + New York Times