Does it drive you crazy when people stand in front of the fridge with the door wide open, letting all the cold air escape while they decide whether they want soda, oj, purple stuff or Sunny D? If so, these neat and stackable Flatshare Fridges designed by Stefan Buchberger, a student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna could provide you with some solace. Colorful and customizable in many configurations, each fridge brick is much smaller than a traditional fridge meaning that it takes less energy to cool and less cold air escapes each time you open the door. We love the lego-like look and there many other “cool” reasons that these funky appliances are smarter than the average icebox.

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Amongst roommates, the subject of edible property is often a touchy one. If you’re sick of arguing over who ate whose pad thai or why someone keeps leaving cartons of Silk with one droplet left in them in the fridge, why not save yourself the heartache by having a separate compartment for your personal grub? Great for college kids who are constantly moving around campus, fridge cubes are less likely to be discarded after student life is over since the option to expand is always available.

Like to keep your organic wines chilled but don’t mind if your veggies are less than icy? Saving energy by grouping your foods by how cold you need them to be and storing them in dedicated cubes is just another solution that Flatshare Fridges bring to mind.

In terms of configuration, the refrigerator consists of a base station can accommodate up to four stacked modules. Plus each module can be customized with a variety of skins and add-ons. Flatshare Fridges aren’t available to the public yet, but we sure hope they are in the works!

Via Toxel