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Air Bonsai is a new line of floating bonsai sculptures from Hoshinchu, a small company based in Kyushu, Japan. The team launched its crowdfunding campaign just a few days ago, and it has blown expectations out of the water. With an initial goal of $80,000, the crowdfunding effort has, at the time of this publication, racked up over $344,000 in pledges from more than 1,500 backers and there are still over four weeks remaining.

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Most people are familiar with the ancient art of bonsai, even if it’s only what they learned watching Karate Kid. Air Bonsai takes a centuries-old meditative practice and elevates it to a unique modern artform, as well as one heck of a conversation piece. A pledge of $200 to the crowdfunding campaign can get you a DIY kit, but you’ll have to supply your own plant. More elaborate versions of the Air Bonsai set up are available too, but some ship only within Japan.

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Images via Hoshinchu