Russia’s Festival of Landscape Objects saw a flotilla of seaworthy buildings float down the Ugra River to Nikola-Lenivets Village. Among the visionary houses was a beautifully-finished floating sauna, complete with a living tree on top by Finnish firm Rintala Eggertsson Architects.

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Five other architects participated in the Summer of 2008 floating festival, includingNorman Foster and Sergey Skuratov. The homes took to the Ugra River and floated down on a kinetic architecture tour.

The lucky crew of the Kaluga Sauna were treated to a full spa treatment on the way as a wood stove, dressing room, and sauna room were at their disposal. While perhaps a little gimmicky, the tree on the project’s roof expresses the sauna’s tradition of connecting humans with nature. The architects saw the event as a great way to let participants have a hotsaunaand then take a plunge off the roof to refresh their senses. The houses are now set in Nikola-Lenivets Village, where they serve as a museum exhibit and guest housing.


Floating, flood-proof buildings expand the possibilities for architectural expression, and we love that this one creates additional green space through its tree-top planter.

+ Rintala Eggertsson Architects

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