We are always looking for new ways to bring the outdoors in, and this gorgeous Stripped lamp by Floris Wubben does just that by marrying the beauty of a tree with the function of a light. To create the lamp a single branch is stripped of its bark, which is then used to create the shade. The branch is then split into three parts at the base to create the stand. The lamp truly reflects nature, challenging the notion of separation between the outside world and the inside world.

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According to Wubben, “With the Stripped design a piece of nature is transformed into a standing lamp, by a minimum number of modifications. It is an honest product, in which the natural form of the tree branch has been kept as much as possible.” Wubben allows the natural form of the branch to determine how the lamp will ultimately appear, making every lamp unique. The result is something totally individual that brings in a little bit of nature wherever is sits.

+ Floris Wubben

via MocoLoco