Have you ever been riding your bike down the road and had a car cut you off or come too close for comfort? I’ll bet you wished you had a camera running so you could hold them accountable. With car-cyclist collisions occurring every day, the team at Fly6 wanted to give bikers a way to keep tabs on drivers who might try to bully them off the road. The result is a combination tail light and HD camera that can be mounted under the bike seat to keep an eye on unruly drivers sneaking up from behind.

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Bike commuting is a great way to slash your personal carbon footprint. Unfortunately, a lack of bike lanes and proper education means that many cyclists fear for their safety. Sure, bikes and cars are supposed to share the road, but often drivers don’t see it that way–especially in crowded urban areas.

The Fly6 rear-facing bike light and camera combo is a gadget that has bikers’ backs…literally. “Attaching to the seat post of your bike, Fly6 is a tail or rear light that also records in high definition video what happens behind you during your ride. Whether it’s commuting, racing, mountain biking or just riding with your friends. When motorists know they are being recorded, they will behave accordingly by giving the cyclists more space and respect making the roads more enjoyable for everyone,” explain the designers on the project’s Kickstarter page.

“On a full charge [the Fly6] will constantly record video at 720P for up to five hours straight” reports Gizmodo. When an accident occurs and the bike tilts past 45 degrees, the camera automatically saves video from an hour before and an hour after the incident to an included 8GB microSD card.

In rigorous testing, the Fly6 bike light and camera has proven more than capable of capturing car license plates–which gives cyclists who’ve experienced road rage some leverage against bullying drivers. Instead of just wheeling the crumpled bike home and breathing a sigh of thanks that they’re still alive, victims of a hit and run have some concrete evidence to bring to the authorities.

Would the Fly6 make you feel safer biking among the cars? Kickstarter backers seem to think so. The project already blasted through its funding goal, but there’s still time to get your hands on one of the first light-camera combos to roll off the production line.

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