United Kingdom floral company Flying Flowers is trying to raise bee awareness by building the world’s first bee-tirement home. The dollhouse for bees is gimmicky and too cute for words, but the company’s effort makes important points about our reliance on bees. Not only does the floral company have a vested interest in the existence of bees, but we all should too. One in every three bites of food we eat depends on a bee’s pollination efforts, according to Greenpeace.

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A bee hanging on a sign that reads "Honeysuckle Beetirement Home"

The Honeysuckle Bee-tirement Home welcomes bees with its brick edifice, yellow doors and tiny fake flowers. Inside, it’s like a human home, with wee floral-upholstered armchairs, mini TV, a bookshelf (titles include “Pollen Stories” and “The Book of Honey”) and even a walker for senior bees. In the bedroom, decorated with blue and yellow textiles, the little bed’s headboard reads “Queen Bee.” The Flying Flower folks describe the master bedroom as, “A royal quarter, meaning the hibernating queen bees will experience no loss of luxury upon their visits – it’s practically Bee-ckingham Palace.” The bathroom sports a clawfoot tub. Of special interest to bees is a sugar water fountain.

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A bee using a little walker in a tiny home

“At Flying Flowers, bees are vital to our livelihoods and passions, and to the ecosystem we live in,” said Sandra Varley, marketing manager at Flying Flowers. “The world would be a very different place without the help of these little creatures, so we wanted to do all we can to help protect them.”

A bedroom with yellow floral covers for the bed and chair

Unfortunately, bees are disappearing around the world. About a quarter of bee species have not been spotted in the wild in thirty years.

“We could think of no better way than by creating the Honeysuckle Bee-tirement home to capture the nation’s attention,” said Varley. “We hope this world’s first will inspire people to support our fuzzy friends when they need it most. The time to act is now, so be(e) ready!”

A bee hanging on the side of a bookshelf with a bed that reads "Queen Bee" on the frame

Few people will manage to muster the bee dedication evidenced by the Honeysuckle Bee-tirement Home. But there are easier things you can do to help bees. Consider adding a bee hotel to your garden. While not nearly as ritzy as the bee-tirement home, these hanging habitats will make your pollinators’ day.  Feeling crafty? Woodland Trust shows you how to make your own bee home.

A sugar fountain where a yellow bee is drinking from

Consider the bees’ needs when making your gardening decisions. Not all flowers suit bees. Open flowers where you easily see the middle, which provide easier access for the little nectar suckers. Bees also have a favorite color: purple. And please don’t use fertilizers, which can be deadly to our striped friends.

A bee flying midair in a small bathroom

That clawfoot bath in the bee-tirement home wasn’t simply just for show. Bees need to bathe. Garden Therapy shows you how to build a bath for them.

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