Alexena Cayless of British design collective Farm Designs recently exhibited her wonderful fly-tipped furniture collection at Eco Age and Beyond the Valley in London. Alexena scours the streets for unloved and discarded furnishings and then gives them a brand new lease of life. These white-washed pieces serves as blank canvases for Alexana, who is interested in the interaction of human memory and furniture.

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Alexena Cayless’ fly-tipped collection reinvents found furniture to “draw attention to our emotional attachment to familiar objects”. Each beautiful piece bears a faded photographic imprint of its past life, inspiring reflection upon the way that we casually abandon once-loved items.

Farm Designs are passionately committed to British manufacturing and quality craftsmanship. All their work is designed and produced in the UK using manufacturers in the East Midlands and London.

+ Farm Designs

+ Eco Age, London

+ Beyond the Valley, London