We found many innovative designs at ICFF last weekend, but we were particularly impressed with the concept behind this beautiful table from MIO. Its streamlined form uses a waste reducing pattern that can be cut with little leftover material, and packed flat for efficient shipping. Dubbed the Origami table, the design was inspired by its namesake art form. Through an exploration of folding materials, MIO has created a functional and efficient eco-friendly structure that is self-locking and hardware free.

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MIO operates out of Philly, a city known both for fraternal love and being the “workshop of the world” in the late 1800s. The location is perfect for MIO, which is based on a foundation of strong local manufacturers and an ever-growing pool of creative, local individuals. Founded in 2001 with the objective of combining business rigor with environmentally and socially progressive design, Mio is a shining example of how ethically grounded companies can bring great design to life.

The Origami table is made from sheets of steel, and we think its petal-like surfaces make the perfect sculptural end table. In addition to this environmentally-minded design, the studio continues to bring us a great selection of beautiful, sustainable, and affordable products ranging from wallpaper and lighting to seating, shelving, tables, and accessories – all of which can be purchased online.


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